Airport Valet Express is Bakersfield’s regularly scheduled luxury-coach service directly to LAX and from Van Nuys’ FlyAway Terminal. Passengers returning to Bakersfield hop on the FlyAway bus at LAX and transfer to one of our buses at the Van Nuys FlyAway terminal. FlyAway tickets must be purchased separately and are available here. However, we recommend they be purchased upon arrival at the Van Nuys terminal. For more information, please view our Trip Details.

Our intention is to support travel by making it safer, easier and more affordable, while also supporting ridesharing and striving for cleaner air. Our Team is made up of friendly agents, experienced drivers and a dedication to always have community in mind.

Thank you for your support and choosing to ride with AVE.


“Best stress-free way to get to LAX.” (January 2020)

“Best way to go between LAX and Bakersfield. Bakersfield citizens, support this institution!” (September 2019)

“As a frequent rider on Airport Valet Express, I wanted to share my experience today with the new pick-up at the Van Nuys station. Like most of us, change is not a favorite thing, especially when the way it has been has worked so well in most all ways. But today was amazing. I got on the FlyAway, at the blue signs (not really knowing how it worked to pay for the trip even). (As many of you know the FlyAway comes every 15 minutes so even if luggage takes a bit you will never have a long stand waiting for the next one). When we got to the Van Nuys station there is an agent right there to scan your ticket or point you to the ticket machines, where you will find another agent to assist you in operating the machine. The lobby area is quite large with loads of seating and restrooms, so it is a clean spacious area to wait for the Bakersfield bus. (No more hanging out in baggage area, or even worse, outside on the “curved benches”, listening to horns honking and being either too hot or cold. I had a minute of nervous anxiety when I asked where I would catch the Airport Valet Bus to Bakersfield and no one there had been told that they would be dropping off and picking up people there from now on. But again, I worried about needlessly. The people there were very friendly and showed me where the bus would have to pull up for pickups. I went to the restroom and as I came out the kind lady that had shown me where the bus would be stopped me and asked is that the bus you’re looking for? And YEP, it was. : ) And guess who was there and had come to Van Nuys on the first Van Nuys run? None other than Mr. Phil…our LEAD Ambassador of Kindness. Making sure that the changes were going to be more helpful and comfortable for all of us that enjoy the comfortable ride to LAX. So I for one say I believe this is going to be a SUPER change in the service that we ALL are going to enjoy. A big THANK YOU to all of the Ambassadors that send us off on our Journeys safely and with friendly smiles.” (September 1, 2019)

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